300+ Crafts Videos for Curious Kids To Boost Creativity & Reduce Screen Time. FamilyFun Activity Creates Unbreakable Bonds between Parents and Children.


Reduce Kids Screen Time

Engage in Mindfull Activity

Ignite Kids' Creativity

Parent-Child Bonding

BondingCraft is designed to stimulate young minds while minimizing screen time. Our curated collection of videos for kids’ craft activities boost Fine Motor Skills, Problem-Solving, Self-Expression, Patience and Persistence, Concentration, Math and Science Concepts.


Welcome to a world of interactive and enriching experiences designed to stimulate young minds while minimizing screen time. Our curated collection of videos for kids’ craft is meticulously crafted to boost brainpower, enhance logical reasoning, Ignite Kids Creativity and Mindful Play Moments.

Join us in nurturing your child’s potential while enjoying quality time away from screens.

10 Reason's Why Bonding Crafts is Must For Your Kid?

Spark Creativity & Curiosity With Craft's

Various categories of craft activities that are included in our collection of 300+ craft videos.

For Parent's
Crafting with their Children
Provides an Opportunity to...

Spend Quality Time

Crafting is a bonding activity that allows parents to spend quality time with their kids.

Teach and Guide

Parents can teach their children new skills and guide them through creative processes.

Create Lasting Memories

Crafting creates memorable moments and shared experiences that both parents and children cherish.

Support Learning

Parents can reinforce educational concepts through crafting, making learning fun.

Boost Confidence

Crafting provides parents with opportunities to praise and build their child's confidence.

Family Togetherness

Family crafting fosters a sense of togetherness and unity, strengthening family bonds.

Relieve Stress

Crafting can be a stress-reliever for parents, providing a break from daily routines.

Celebrate Achievements

You can celebrate your child's achievements in crafting, promoting & encouraging environment.

Crafting is not only a fun and creative activity for kids but also a valuable tool for their overall development. It offers parents an excellent way to connect with their children, create lasting memories, and support their growth and learning.

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300+ Craft's Videos

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